DoB: 25.05.1988

Residence: Innsbruck, Austria

   Bachelor: Physics
   Master: Advanced Materials 


Background:  A great number of successes in cross-­‐country skiing competitions (e.g. German Champion), as well in sports climbing competitions.
Focus on Freeski since 2008 (after solely snowboarding).

1. Where did you grow up and where do you live now? 
  I grew up in Dürbheim, a small village in Germany. Seven years ago I moved to Innsbruck in Austria - I finished my studies this summer.
2. How old were you when you first started skiing?
  Thanks to my parents, I started skiing when I was just two years old. Later on I changed to snowboarding (for about 10 years). After watching 'Yearbook' of MSP, I got inspired to start skiing again and I bought my first Twintips in 2007.

3. Was there anyone in particular who helped motivate you to where you are?
  I think everyone who shared the same joy while skiing with me was a big help. Also my parents and my girlfriend who are supporting me in everything I do.

4. What is you favorite ski that you have skied on?
  The Cyclic 115 of Head - I use them on about 90% of the days skiing.  

5. What is your favorite memory as a child?
  Beeing outside, exploring the hills around our little village, minding my own business and playing around without any expectation - actually quite comparable with Freeriding today.

6. Did you always want to be a pro?
  Being able to enjoy skiing as long as possible is my dream, as well as spending most of my whole life out there in the nature - if becoming a pro helps me doing that, I want to be a pro. ;)

7. What is you favorite ski area?
  Actually every mountain with a fine backcountry which isn't too crowded, so I can enjoy some first lines!

8. How do you stay in shape during the off-season?
  There are many ways of doing that - I prefer surfing, climbing or hiking some trails with my downhill bike. 

9. How do you train during your season?
  I have a workout plan which is customized to my needs. Besides the specific training I really enjoy skiing moguls for example.