Nov 11, 2016

New Season

Hey guys,

well ... it has been really quite here on my page, so I thought it's time for a little update.

Last season was full of unique experiences ... too much to put into words, but let's start with one of my highlights:
After more or less doing our own thing for a few years, I finally reunited with my long-term friend Fabian and the snowmads crew to go out exploring again - here is a trailer of our 'Journey towards Eastern Suns':

We had our first premiers in Innsbruck and Munich - great audience, super good feedback, good times - that's a big part of the crew ... thanks to everyone involved for those good memories:
Snomads-Premier, Munich - (c) nineandone
Like last year I also worked together with Midiafilm - a bunch of fun people to film with.
So... here is a second trailer. ;)

Heaps of stuff in on the horizon - talk to you soonish...

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  1. I live in a very hot country, so skiing is like a dream for me. I wonder how does it feel to be in so much snow. Nonetheless, I hope you guys have the best time and one day I am able to do it too. Keep it up.