Mar 24, 2013

Canada and my first FWQ win

Hey there,

well, well... the planned weekly updates here on my blog ended up in monthly news.
The reasons why: I'm in the final year of my studies and also started my Master's thesis lately, which requires a lot of time. The good thing is, that I will finish my studies in summer, so I'm finally gonna be called 'Master Mesle'. ;)

Short words to recap the last 4 weeks:

We (Fabi, Neil, Burger, Simon and me) have been in Canada for 2 weeks to get some good footage for our movie project. It was a really awesome trip, we had perfect conditions and a lot of fun. We hiked basically every line and also spend 2 nights in a tent in the backcountry... Good memories.
Here are some screenshots:

snacks, snacks, snacks

Afterwards, I spend much time in the lab, but also had some really fun days in the park and backcountry with good friends.

The last two days, I've been in Kaprun to compete at my last comp of the season: the X Over Ride at Kitzsteinhorn.I did a short facecheck on Friday, had some really fun runs in perfect conditions with Jules, Marcel and Basti and enjoyed the evening in a hot tub and sauna. =)

The contest-day started (way too early) at 6:20am, but everyone was in a good mood.
I did a last minute line-change and decided to do an easy line with a 360 and a backflip, which I crashed on last year.
I was way to slow at the middle section, where I've planned my 360. So I had to skip it and in return I was a little to fast during my backflip, so I ended up backslapping. ;)


Anyway ... I ended up winning my first Freeride World Qualifier. Congrats to Felix, who gathered enough points to be 4th in the total FWQ ranking. Which means, that (at the moment - one more FWQ3* to come) he is qualified for the next years Worldtour - so I'm really stoked on the results.
© mia*

It was a really nice weekend, I'm looking forward to next year.
Here is a short edit of some runs before and after the comp (Unfortunately, I had some problems with my cam during my contest-run, so I don't have any good pov-footage of it):

Well... thanks for stopping by!