Feb 20, 2013

Big Mountain Hochfügen + Shooting with El-Flamingo and the Whiteroom project

It has been three weeks since my last post – three awesome weeks to be precise ;)

After landing on a rock with a 360 and loosing my ski at the FWQ**** in Engadin, I did a nice run at the Corvatsch with Flo, Neil, Fabi and Raphi:

Ten days ago, I attended the FWQ**** Big Mountain Hochfügen: Due to cloudy weather, the comp got postponed to Sunday, so we had a fun time in the deep pow on Friday and Saturday. The guys of El-Flamingo joined me to get some shots for the contest segment in their upcoming movie. Raphi showed me how to do a hand drag cork 3... a very fun trick, you have to try it! 

The level of riding on Sunday was insane - it was the best contest I've been a part of! Big thanks to the organization, who did a really good job.
Unfortunately, the deep pow slowed me down too much before the first 360... I think that was the place where I left the points - so here is my contest run:

I'm happy with my performance (ended up 7th)... because each contest is a good chance to get some experience. I still have a lot to learn... I just did five Qualifiers before! So watch out next year ;)
My second 360 © Michael Neumann
Congrats to everyone, who is stoked on his performance... and especially to Raphi for his second place and for getting a well-earned wildcard for the FWT-event in Fieberbrunn!

My buddy Jules (www.julianzenzmaier.com) and I also wrote a report (in German) for powderguide.com: click here

Besides the comps, I spend some time filming with El-Flamingo and the Whiteroom project. Here are some impressions:
Neil and Simon doing a little close-up shot

Cork 7 in Lienz © Rasmus Kaessmann
Backflip © Rasmus Kaessmann

Right now, I'm driving back home from the weekly 'Adveture Night' - and afterwards I'll have to finish packing my stuff for the Canada-trip with Neil, Fabi, Burger and Simon. It's gonna be my first real trip, the first time on a plane and the first time outside of Europe... unfortunately without my girlfriend. But... I'm really excited!!!

So see you in the pillowland...

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  1. It seems like you're having a lot of fun up there. I love such activities in snow too. Stay safe and looking forward to more posts.