Jan 28, 2013

First comp and 'Time for the Whiteroom'

Hey guys,

in these busy times during the end of my second to last semester, I must be brief. ;)

Two weeks ago I attended the FWQ 4* competition in La Clusaz. It has been a nice and fun weekend with good friends in an unique resort. Unfortunately I crashed on a 360 at the top of my run, but did a nice cliff and stomped a backflip afterwards, so I ended up 9th. To see the judges rewarding my kind of riding was a good motivation, especially for the upcoming event in Engadin this weekend. In the following clip are two elements of my run starting at 04:38: 

Besides that, I've been shooting for the new 'WHITEROOM' project. Here are some shots:
© Michael Neumann
© Michael Neumann

And finally, the highlight of my post, here is the last year's project' Time for the Whiteroom'!!

We are leaving on Wednesday for the second 4-star event this season, so keep your fingers crossed on Thursday (qualification) and Saturday(final)! ;)


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