Jan 28, 2013

First comp and 'Time for the Whiteroom'

Hey guys,

in these busy times during the end of my second to last semester, I must be brief. ;)

Two weeks ago I attended the FWQ 4* competition in La Clusaz. It has been a nice and fun weekend with good friends in an unique resort. Unfortunately I crashed on a 360 at the top of my run, but did a nice cliff and stomped a backflip afterwards, so I ended up 9th. To see the judges rewarding my kind of riding was a good motivation, especially for the upcoming event in Engadin this weekend. In the following clip are two elements of my run starting at 04:38: 

Besides that, I've been shooting for the new 'WHITEROOM' project. Here are some shots:
© Michael Neumann
© Michael Neumann

And finally, the highlight of my post, here is the last year's project' Time for the Whiteroom'!!

We are leaving on Wednesday for the second 4-star event this season, so keep your fingers crossed on Thursday (qualification) and Saturday(final)! ;)


Jan 6, 2013


Hey everyone,

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year - I hope that the snowfall will continue the next weeks, so that we'll have an awesome winter here in Austria!

To keep you guys up to date... the last days, Flo Preuss and I have been shooting with El-Flamingo for our movie which will drop in fall:
Flo and I will be followed all year long to produce a 30 minutes long documentary about our seasons, which will include a well-rounded story including contest segments, Powder-, Big Mountain-, Park- and Urbanshootings.
Here are some screenshots of our sessions (which are always super fun, thanks to Mülli and Lippi), enjoy...

At Thursday I will leave Austria for my first comp this season - the Freeride World Qualifier in La Clusaz (FWQ 4*). I'm looking forward to meet all of the guys... it's gonna be an awesome weekend!

So thanks for stopping by,
see you soon,