Aug 18, 2013

Summertime + Trailertime

Hi guys,

well, it has been a very long time... but a good time.

It's been very hot the last days, so I have been spending a lot of time surfing in the cold river.
I got kind of addicted and I'm thankful, that we have such an awesome possibility here.
Beeing at the standing wave nearly every day makes me pretty stoked for catching some real waves later on after finishing my summer job.

Btw... I'm proud to introduce two new partners, which I started working with, to you:
To get some nice, unique POV shots during my season, I signed with a traditional German brand called Rollei (since 1920).
I tested the new actioncam 5S WIFI the last days and I'm really happy with the quality and the mounting options. Here are three screenshots:

I also started a cooperation with an other traditional German company called Kamei. They pimed up my (girlfriend's) car with a new stylish, high quality roof box. So I'm now able to carry all my gear and inviting more friends to go skiing with, while keeping the car clean.

Now to two other highlights... because the off-season is the season of the trailers, here are two of our projects - I had so much fun this season while shooting and I'm proud to be a part of those.

'For a Few Lines More' by Whiteroom-Production:

One2Remember by El-Flamingo:

So... now it's time to watch some surfing:

Enjoy your Sunday evening,

Mar 24, 2013

Canada and my first FWQ win

Hey there,

well, well... the planned weekly updates here on my blog ended up in monthly news.
The reasons why: I'm in the final year of my studies and also started my Master's thesis lately, which requires a lot of time. The good thing is, that I will finish my studies in summer, so I'm finally gonna be called 'Master Mesle'. ;)

Short words to recap the last 4 weeks:

We (Fabi, Neil, Burger, Simon and me) have been in Canada for 2 weeks to get some good footage for our movie project. It was a really awesome trip, we had perfect conditions and a lot of fun. We hiked basically every line and also spend 2 nights in a tent in the backcountry... Good memories.
Here are some screenshots:

snacks, snacks, snacks

Afterwards, I spend much time in the lab, but also had some really fun days in the park and backcountry with good friends.

The last two days, I've been in Kaprun to compete at my last comp of the season: the X Over Ride at Kitzsteinhorn.I did a short facecheck on Friday, had some really fun runs in perfect conditions with Jules, Marcel and Basti and enjoyed the evening in a hot tub and sauna. =)

The contest-day started (way too early) at 6:20am, but everyone was in a good mood.
I did a last minute line-change and decided to do an easy line with a 360 and a backflip, which I crashed on last year.
I was way to slow at the middle section, where I've planned my 360. So I had to skip it and in return I was a little to fast during my backflip, so I ended up backslapping. ;)


Anyway ... I ended up winning my first Freeride World Qualifier. Congrats to Felix, who gathered enough points to be 4th in the total FWQ ranking. Which means, that (at the moment - one more FWQ3* to come) he is qualified for the next years Worldtour - so I'm really stoked on the results.
© mia*

It was a really nice weekend, I'm looking forward to next year.
Here is a short edit of some runs before and after the comp (Unfortunately, I had some problems with my cam during my contest-run, so I don't have any good pov-footage of it):

Well... thanks for stopping by!


Feb 20, 2013

Big Mountain Hochfügen + Shooting with El-Flamingo and the Whiteroom project

It has been three weeks since my last post – three awesome weeks to be precise ;)

After landing on a rock with a 360 and loosing my ski at the FWQ**** in Engadin, I did a nice run at the Corvatsch with Flo, Neil, Fabi and Raphi:

Ten days ago, I attended the FWQ**** Big Mountain Hochfügen: Due to cloudy weather, the comp got postponed to Sunday, so we had a fun time in the deep pow on Friday and Saturday. The guys of El-Flamingo joined me to get some shots for the contest segment in their upcoming movie. Raphi showed me how to do a hand drag cork 3... a very fun trick, you have to try it! 

The level of riding on Sunday was insane - it was the best contest I've been a part of! Big thanks to the organization, who did a really good job.
Unfortunately, the deep pow slowed me down too much before the first 360... I think that was the place where I left the points - so here is my contest run:

I'm happy with my performance (ended up 7th)... because each contest is a good chance to get some experience. I still have a lot to learn... I just did five Qualifiers before! So watch out next year ;)
My second 360 © Michael Neumann
Congrats to everyone, who is stoked on his performance... and especially to Raphi for his second place and for getting a well-earned wildcard for the FWT-event in Fieberbrunn!

My buddy Jules ( and I also wrote a report (in German) for click here

Besides the comps, I spend some time filming with El-Flamingo and the Whiteroom project. Here are some impressions:
Neil and Simon doing a little close-up shot

Cork 7 in Lienz © Rasmus Kaessmann
Backflip © Rasmus Kaessmann

Right now, I'm driving back home from the weekly 'Adveture Night' - and afterwards I'll have to finish packing my stuff for the Canada-trip with Neil, Fabi, Burger and Simon. It's gonna be my first real trip, the first time on a plane and the first time outside of Europe... unfortunately without my girlfriend. But... I'm really excited!!!

So see you in the pillowland...

Jan 28, 2013

First comp and 'Time for the Whiteroom'

Hey guys,

in these busy times during the end of my second to last semester, I must be brief. ;)

Two weeks ago I attended the FWQ 4* competition in La Clusaz. It has been a nice and fun weekend with good friends in an unique resort. Unfortunately I crashed on a 360 at the top of my run, but did a nice cliff and stomped a backflip afterwards, so I ended up 9th. To see the judges rewarding my kind of riding was a good motivation, especially for the upcoming event in Engadin this weekend. In the following clip are two elements of my run starting at 04:38: 

Besides that, I've been shooting for the new 'WHITEROOM' project. Here are some shots:
© Michael Neumann
© Michael Neumann

And finally, the highlight of my post, here is the last year's project' Time for the Whiteroom'!!

We are leaving on Wednesday for the second 4-star event this season, so keep your fingers crossed on Thursday (qualification) and Saturday(final)! ;)


Jan 6, 2013


Hey everyone,

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year - I hope that the snowfall will continue the next weeks, so that we'll have an awesome winter here in Austria!

To keep you guys up to date... the last days, Flo Preuss and I have been shooting with El-Flamingo for our movie which will drop in fall:
Flo and I will be followed all year long to produce a 30 minutes long documentary about our seasons, which will include a well-rounded story including contest segments, Powder-, Big Mountain-, Park- and Urbanshootings.
Here are some screenshots of our sessions (which are always super fun, thanks to Mülli and Lippi), enjoy...

At Thursday I will leave Austria for my first comp this season - the Freeride World Qualifier in La Clusaz (FWQ 4*). I'm looking forward to meet all of the guys... it's gonna be an awesome weekend!

So thanks for stopping by,
see you soon,