Dec 2, 2016

traveln vs. zuhause

Letztes Jahr war ganz schön vollgepackt...

Ich durfte mich mit einigen meiner besten Freunde (die "Snowmads") in ein nicht grad leicht zu übersehendes, ehemaliges Feuerwehrauto setzen und los ging der zwei-monatige Roadtrip in doch eher abgelegende Fleckchen auf unserem Kontinent...

... wie hier im Iran - (c) Ruedi Flück
... oder hier auf einem abgelegenen Gletscher in Georgien - (c) Carlos Blanchard

Doch nach dem ganzen Reisen stellt sich sobald man wieder zurück kommt gleich ein sehr angenehmes Gefühl ein... nämlich zu Hause zu sein.
          Darf man Innsbruck eigentlich im 10. Jahr schon sein Daheim nennen?
          Manch ein Local wird das wohl immer anzweifeln... und das ist auch gut so... ;)
Glaub wir sind da alle aus dem selben Grund hier und es fällt den meisten auch nicht grad leicht zu gehen.  
Ob Süd- oder Norstau, irgendwo hat's in Tirol immer gute Bedingungen und falls die mal nicht offensichtlich sind, suchen lohnt sich - denn Möglichkeiten gibt's hier mehr als genug.

Die ersten Tage auf den Gletschern haben sich auch schon gut gelohnt, hier ein kleines Video von Tobi ... schaut's bei ihm vorbei, lohnt sich.

Auch wenn man die Preise allein für eine Tageskarte in anderen Ländern sieht, freut man sich gleich doppelt was einem Tirol bietet...
Aus diesem Anlass möchte ich eine von Innsbrucks' besten Ladies vorstellen - die Snow Card
Es freut mich sehr sie als Partner an meiner Seite zu haben und diesen Winter wieder mehr Zeit hier zu verbringen.

Schee, dass es dich gibt - merci!!! 

Nov 11, 2016

New Season

Hey guys,

well ... it has been really quite here on my page, so I thought it's time for a little update.

Last season was full of unique experiences ... too much to put into words, but let's start with one of my highlights:
After more or less doing our own thing for a few years, I finally reunited with my long-term friend Fabian and the snowmads crew to go out exploring again - here is a trailer of our 'Journey towards Eastern Suns':

We had our first premiers in Innsbruck and Munich - great audience, super good feedback, good times - that's a big part of the crew ... thanks to everyone involved for those good memories:
Snomads-Premier, Munich - (c) nineandone
Like last year I also worked together with Midiafilm - a bunch of fun people to film with.
So... here is a second trailer. ;)

Heaps of stuff in on the horizon - talk to you soonish...

Sep 30, 2015


While our days now start getting shorter, I'm proud to present two trailers to you.

Our movie 'PROFILE - characters on skis' by Midiafilm just got the 'movie of the year' award at the iF3 festival in the AM category, which makes us quite proud. I joined them for two fun trips to Gressoney last season - we had lots of snow, tasty pizza and funny sessions.

Gressoney - (c) Hans-Martin Kudlinski
Here is the trailer to our new movie, which will be shown at the AlpCon CinemaTour during the next months.

Here's an other cool project of a good friend of mine ( Our this seasons movie is called 'Triangle' and is produced by FreeRidersLife and Artisual

Tomorrow my new season will start in Hintertux ... see you guys up there.

Mar 16, 2015

FWQ 3* at Silvretta Montafon + some short News

Last weekend was a pleasure. ;)

Some good friends and I have been competing at the FWQ 3* event at Silvretta Montafon - beautifull weather and snow conditions waited for us... it was a weekend full of good and hilarious moments.
At the day before the competition, we rather skied some fun runs than spend much time on a proper facecheck. But still after the ridersmeeting, we used our photos to scope a nice line for the competition.
Photo: mia*knoll/
Photo: mia*knoll/
I chose a line in the middle of the face, got a little stuck before my third feature, but ended up winning the event - I was really happy to to share the podium with my team buddy Olle Regnér and congrats to Kristoffer Turdell for a really sick run!
After some bad luck at the previous comps, it was a big relief.

Here is my winner run:

After the competition, Me & The Fools stayed in Montafon to work on our 4th episode.
We built some BC booters and also filmed a little in the Nike Snowpark Montafon.

Right now, I'm sitting in the car on our way to do some filming for Midiafilm. Here are some screenshots of our last trip ... talk to you soon.

Feb 21, 2015

You & The Fools


I wanted to introduce you guys shortly to a new EpicTV series  by El-Flamingo which is called 'You&TheFools' - the first episode features Neil Williman, Pete Oswald, Sven Rauber, Flo Preuss and me.

The new year started with a heavy load of fresh snow, so the first day of shooting at Silvretta Montafon was all about collecting some faceshots in the woods - nothing better to wish for...

Some days later the skies open up and we had a great time above the trees. Sven and I look for some natural hits, while Neil and Pete hiked a cool couloir.

Pete Oswald sumed up the shooting days quite on point: "Filming with the El Flamingo guys on Episode 1 of You&The Fools was just bloody good tomfoolery, we pulled fun out of every minute, but I think we skied good too!"

So I'm proud to present Episode 1 to you, enjoy:

Last week, we (Max Kroneck, Simon Wohlgennant, Thomas Kigle and I) went back to Silvretta Montafon - 5 days of shooting, 5 days of bluebird. ;)
Finding some untracked lines wasn't possible inside the resort, so we used our skins and hiked into some untouched zones.

Episode 2 will drop soon, so watch out... here are some impressions:

Note: Meanwhile the 2nd Episode is also online - here it is ... lean back and enjoy. ;)

Nov 9, 2014

Chasing Powder - Trial and Error!

Hi guys,

In March 2014 the snow conditions in most parts of the alps were far from perfect. So we decided to go on a roadtrip and search for some fresh powder. 'Chasing Powder' tells the story of living in a motorhome for two weeks, camping next to the road, exploring the backcountry, building jumps, hucking cliffs and pure freedom!  The search brought us south. We spent most of the time cruising around the Italian Dolomites - have fun watching it:

"14 days of straight skiing have never been more fun!" - Jochen Mesle -
"Does it get any better than just beeing guided by the pleasure of skiing?" - Max Kroneck -
"For a trip like this you need the right crew. That`s what we had for sure!"  - Julian Zenzmaier -

Directed & produced by Johannes Müller & Philipp Becker (El Flamingo Films)
Still Photography: Rasmus Kaessmann

We also already had a lot of fun at the world premiere of Whiteroom Productions new movie 'Trial and Error'. I'm proud to say, that it is the funniest freeride movie I ever saw. 
Here is your chance to have a good laugh:

Thanks for stopping by,

Jun 25, 2014

short Season Review in pictures


because the last blog post was full of words, this one will be focused on some photos and clips, which sum up my season pretty good.
After coming back to Austria (after my surftrip to Tenerife) the season started as usual with the Film Festivals, some park skiing and fun windlip sessions.

We also had a quite successful online release of our El-Flamingo movie on EpicTV - if you haven't seen it yet or want to look at it again you can watch it here:

Shooting an advertising clip for Rollei Actioncams.
First film trip to Italy for Drawing Lines and El-Flamingo - finally some powder.
Day 1 of ISPO.
Day 2 of ISPO.

Heaps of snow at the first competition in Engadin.

Filming for Whiteroom.

Equipment for the two week long El-Flamingo roadtrip.
BC kicker session in the Dolomites.
Having some fun while filming.
Inrun to the BC kicker ... wanna go back!!!
Back to Austira... finally back on the podium at a competition: FWQ 3* Kitzsteinhorn.

Hiking ... it was worth every single step.
... and back to park skiing in slushy conditions.
Second last run of the season (06.06.14).
Last run of the season (03.07.14).
Now it's time to finish my Master's Degree, afterwards  for a 7 week long surf trip and then its already fall and I'll be back on skis.

Thanks for stopping by,